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This style of artwork (Street scene with New York taxis) is not normally to my taste, so when StumbleUpon included it in my weekly update I glanced at it, and that would have been it if I hadn’t then read about the artist Stephen Wiltshire.

Stephen’s talent is in drawing buildings and in particular cityscapes. This in itself is not rare, however what makes Stephen stand out is his ability to draw these cityscapes from memory after only a few observations. He was recently comissioned to complete a panoramic drawing of the Brisbane (Australia) skyline, adding to those he has already completed of London, New York, Tokyo (his largest to date) and many others.

According to his blog and website, his only observations of the city prior to beginning his work were from the Brisbane Wheel and a helicopter ride over the city. Pretty amazing right?!

Stephen was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and it was at five that is artistic ability was first recognised.


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