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I’m not sure how well Matt Nathanson is known outside of the US but I just love his stuff. He consistently produces brilliant songs (if not albums). To me he is similar to Mat Kearney, what do you think?

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Off Pink’s ‘I’m Not Dead’ album I don’t think it was released as a single so it is one of her lesser known ones. I love it though and it’s perhaps my favourite off the album, although this does change after every listen!

It’s not often that I will enjoy listening to a whole album by someone but this is one of the exceptions. Her tour to support the album was also fantastic, which I wasn’t expecting.

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Diana Vickers was a contestant on the fifth series of the British X Factor. She was definitely one of those contestants you either love or hate. For me it was her version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’ that won me over.

This is my favourite track from her.

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It’s been a while, but I have been inspired back!

Music is the big love of my life. I love discovering new music, no matter what  style. But today I spent this afternoon going back over some old favourites and it just made me want to share all of them!

So that’s what I am going to do. I hope it helps you discover new artists, rediscover old ones and appreciate the amazing variety of music out there.

Enjoy, let me know what you think and share the music you love :)

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Panty By Post

The wonders of Fancy! If you haven’t already discovered this site, I thoroughly recommend it although I will warn you now that your social life will suffer as a result!

Anyway I was in the midst of my daily glance when I came across this amazing site. The clue is in the name.

Panty By Post was founded and is owned by Natalie Grunberg. The idea for the site was born whilst on one of her frequent trips to Paris enjoying a latte. She tells how whilst admiring the parisian fashion she began to wonder how she might share a little bit of the french style with women the world over and today we have ‘Panty by Post’! (

Depending on the package you subscribe to, you will receive a pair of knickers in the post for so many months, each beautifully wrapped and with a really cute little card.

What an amazing idea and although based in Canada they ship worldwide so us Brits can still enjoy a bit of that parisian ‘je ne sais quoi’!

Start hinting now ladies! 

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So I think when I started Uni a while back now someone told me to look up ortoPilot on YouTube. I’m sure there are loads of you out there who have come across him already but for those who haven’t he’s amazing! I tend to go through phases where I’m either obsessed or I just completely forget!

I am currently in an obsessed stage! It also happens to be a brilliant time to introduce him to new people as he has created his own unique advent calendar for us to enjoy, which showcases his talent brilliantly, check it out!


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